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We strongly believe in treating the cause, not the symptoms.

We abide by these integral values:

  • We endeavour to deliver high quality compounded items in the most consistent and effective manner to you.
  • We promise to provide exceptional patient support as a fundamental.
  • We emphasize on addressing your individual needs, and your specific conditions with the most suitable and effective solutions.
  • As healthcare professionals, we will always remain versatile and informed in the field of medicine, in order to give you the best advice.
  • We continue to deliver far-reaching service to our online customers, operating our instantly accessible online store 24/7.

Since our beginnings serving the community’s health care needs, our team of highly-trained pharmacists and staff work by our core elements, ‘Quality, Stability, Suitability.’

Quality is ingrained in our medicine, and in our service. High quality raw materials in compounding is very important in achieving the desired results. In MasterCompounding’s labs, we strive to provide every patient with the highest quality medicine to the exact prescription.

Stability lies in all of our products retaining the same properties and characteristics it had at the time of its packaging, throughout its period of storage and use. Our promise of stability is for the benefit of you, the patient – to help you achieve wellbeing, after overcoming ailments for which the products are designed to heal.

Nowadays, commercially manufactured medicines may suit all the individuals and their health care needs. Suitability in MasterCompounding medicinal products means that all our creations are tailored to what suits your needs best.

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