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About us

MasterCompounding Pharmacy is a Priceline Pharmacy in Mayfield and Compounding chemist delivering Compounding services to Newcastle and throughout Australia.

Formerly known as Jon Dickson Pharmacy, an establishment with a longstanding reputation of serving the Newcastle community for over 50 years, MasterCompounding Pharmacy is proud to carry on helping individuals with their medicinal needs through excellent customer care.

At MasterCompunding pharmacy, we believe every individual’s needs are different, and there is no one solution to suit everybody.

We understand that some patients may have allergies and need a medication without a certain filler. Elderly patients may have difficulties swallowing doctor prescribed pills and may need vital medication in liquid form that is not otherwise commercially available. We can make children’s medicines more palatable without any inconvenience.

As a principle, our friendly and knowledgeable team care for you as an individual. We know every person’s treatment needs are different. Valuing you as our patient means understanding your unique requirements, and provide a solution to them through compounding medicine.

Not only do we provide the best remedies for your medical care, our work ethic includes having communication and cooperation between patients, doctors, and prescribers, to achieve the best medicinal outcome for your wellbeing journey.

Our team of pharmacists and professional staff endeavour to always stay informed on advancing medical developments, which enables us to provide our customers with the most capable and up-to-date support.

As of March 2017, we aligned with Priceline Pharmacy and operate a built-in compounding facility within our pharmacy, to offer integrated beauty services and medical innovation to our customers.

Alongside this establishment, we also stock practitioner only health supplements, and offer consultation services to clients that assist us in understanding your unique needs and conditions, and enables us to customize health advice.


Roy Budaraju

Roy Budaraju

A qualified pharmacist, Roy has over 14 years of complete experience in pharmacy and also has highly-regarded certifications in anti-aging medicine. In compounding medicine, Roy has invested over 6 years of specialised practice in the field. Roy also has a specific interest in treating gut health, as many people suffer from poor gut health and it is commonly the cause of different ailments in the body.

Having helped many patients with different health conditions and concerns, he extends his practical knowledge and skill to help every individual he meets with utmost care and genuine interest. Roy’s generosity and friendly professionalism are some of his best traits, alongside his know-how of paying attention to intricate detail on your personal medical history.

Roy is available for consultations through bookings made at the pharmacy.

Victoria Rogers

Victoria is a fully qualified pharmacist, trained in Western Herbal medicine with 8 years of experience. A graduate of the University of Newcastle with a bachelor’s degree in Herbal Therapies, she then continued to obtain her Masters of Pharmacy from the same alma mater.

As she has a keen interest in the use of herbal medicine to compliment prescription based medication, she is a highly competent provider of herbal formula prescriptions tailored to every patient, and even provides general dietary and lifestyle advice to complement herbal medicines.

Victoria is always happy to offer guidance on a person’s health and wellness journey. Her passion is to be a holistic practitioner, drawing on both on medical and herbal principles and therapies to promote health and wellness.

Satish Gunasekaran

Satish is a young and enthusiastic personality, always delivering above and beyond his standards.

In his early education, Satish pursued an advanced Diploma in Clinical Trials, and a Bachelor of Pharmacy in India. After graduating, he worked in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry for 1 year. This experience opened his mind and broadened his knowledge and interest about the process of making effective, reparative medicines.

With a desire to further extend his knowledge to an international standard, Satish then finished his Bachelor of Pharmaceutical sciences and Master of Pharmacy from Griffith University on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Having spent a lot of time in collecting experience in the pharmaceutical industry, he has developed a focus on helping patients to discover better health solutions with a calm approach.

Satish is indeed specialised in compounding medications, and his primary interest is developing HRT and pain medications. Satish is also a specialist advisor on Diabetic health, and has a real ability to help you with managing diabetes and an accompanying healthy diet plan.