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What to expect from your Home Medicine Review (HMR)

An HMR gives you ultimate peace of mind that you’re managing your medicines the best way for you. With an HMR our pharmacist will help you understand:

  • Why this medication has been prescribed to you
  • Tips to remember and take them correctly as prescribed
  • Weather they may interact with each other, safety of mixing over-the-counter medicines, foods or complementary medicines and vitamins with prescribed medications
  • How to store medication
  • Whether you might benefit from a dosage administration aid (e.g. Websterpak®, Dosette®)
  • Correct usage of the devices e.g. blood glucose monitor, inhaler, injection
  • When and what to report to your doctor and
  • Generic medications and their equivalent brands

Our pharmacist is happy to help in destroying any unused or out-of- date medicines for you. Once your HMR has been completed, our Pharmacist will write a report to your doctor who will then create a health care action plan with you and adjust any medicine problems if necessary.

Who would benefit from an HMR?

An HMR is useful for the following people:

  • you’ve recently been discharged from hospital
  • your medicines have been changed
  • your medicines need constant monitoring
  • you have ever experienced side effects from a particular medicine
  • you are taking many different kinds of medicines
  • you need instruction on how to use a specific health device e.g. blood glucose monitor
  • you have a chronic disease
  • you don’t always remember to take your medicines
  • you are confused or worried about your medicines
  • you have problems with literacy or language, dexterity, sight or memory
  • you are seeing a number of different doctors including GP’s and Specialists

How to organise a Home Medicine Review?

Ask your doctor or our pharmacist at Priceline Pharmacy Mayfield to organise a Home Medicine Review.

How much does a Home Medicine Review Cost?

If you have a current Australian Medicare card and you are eligible for an HMR (your doctor will confirm your eligibility) the government will pay for the HMR (i.e. there is no charge). Your GP will either bulk-bill or charge for their consultation. People with a valid DVA card may be eligible for FREE Dosage Administration Aids after they have had an HMR. For more information, go to:

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